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The purpose of the Hivel Und Dahl Preservation Society is to preserve the historic landmarks, culture, and traditions of Upper and Lower Milford Townships of Pennsylvania, and to provide a forum for education and research.
Upper Milford Township (what makes up Upper and Lower Milford Townships today) was established in 1737 as part of Bucks County. The township then became a part of Northampton County, which was formed in 1752. Lehigh County was taken from part of Northampton County in 1812, and Upper Milford was situated in Lehigh County's southernmost part. It was not until 1853 that the present Lower Milford Township was separated from Upper Milford Township.
As neighbors, we are very fortunate to have such beautiful old buildings existing in our midst. These structures represent the hard working ethic of those who preceded us. There is much to be learned by studying the cultural heritage of our area, including aspects of which we may want to incorporate into our own lives or simply acknowledge with a sense of appreciation. We all know the feeling of driving by a bulldozed field that was once a productive farm. When it is lost, it is gone forever. Please take an active role in preserving our area's past by becoming a member TODAY, because YOU can make a difference in OUR community.
Our activities include exploring the heritage of our area, hearing from respected historians while visiting places of historic interest, and conducting quarterly meetings and fund raising events.
Our current goal is to successfully restore the Schubert-Graber Log Cabin located in Powder Valley. It is hoped that upon restoration, the site will serve as a repository for Pennsylvania German artifacts and memorabilia, and also be made available for cultural activities, school classroom tours, and architectural studies.